Reputation Justice

got clients?

Then you've got gripes. Online complaints about your business, damaging your profits while you sleep.


Target: You.

Today's online whining from competitors, staff or even clients--costs you sales. How can you stop it before it stops you?


Draw the line.

Yeah, our moms told us to ignore the bully too. He didn't go away then either. Fight back.


In their own words:

"I'll never know how you tracked down our mystery customer but thank goodness you did. He could have ruined our firm one late night posting at a time."--Sharon, North Carolina

"I didn't think we needed the Reputation Justice monitoring reports, until I read the one you sent this morning. We'll be paying close attention from now on so we can stop trouble before it gets out of hand."--Peter, Ohio

"I had no idea that our salespeople Twittering back and forth were giving out so much information. Neither did they. Thanks for scheduling the social networking webinar so quickly."---Andrew, Texas

"I love your reports. Clear, concise, and I can see things through our patients' eyes."--Jackie, New Mexico

Case studies

Our client, an experienced specialty medical practitioner with a 22 year record of professional and community success, suddenly could not hire a new office manager. In a down economy, it was downright mysterious--until the client's daughter ran her dad through Google. A disgruntled ex-employee, fired for stealing, had placed numerous anonymous tales of mistreatment, malpractice and personal misbehavior all over the internet.

Our team first catalogued the damaging statements, uncovering additional Twitter and social site comments, and then put a game plan together to repair the damage.

Using both the Reputation Justice technical tool suite, search engine and site technicians and our legal staff we were able to return our client's good reputation in less than six weeks.

"Hey, who IS this joker?" Sudden anonymous complaints on gripe sites are often the most damaging and demoralizing reputation assassins.

Our clients could not believe that anyone would say these awful things about their long-established business. But someone was and the gripe sites were coming up above our client on all the search engines. The complaints were anonymous and detailed enough to scare off potential customers.

The Reputation Justice team went into action. Our legal and technical staff managed the complaints, while our reputation repair group taught our client how to manage their online presence to minimize current and future problems.

Whatever the issue is, Reputation Justice is here to help you address it.

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