Reputation Justice

got clients?

Then you've got gripes. Online complaints about your business, damaging your profits while you sleep.


Target: You.

Today's online whining from competitors, staff or even clients--costs you sales. How can you stop it before it stops you?


Draw the line.

Yeah, our moms told us to ignore the bully too. He didn't go away then either. Fight back.

FAQ on our services

Complaints? Why would anyone complain about my business? Because they can. At one time, you had to have time on your hands and a mean streak to interfere in someone else's business relationships. Now all you need is a computer and a few minutes. Some real-life examples from our customers: Because you underbid a competitor, or outsold him, he may look for an edge on the next proposal--by dragging down your reputation. Because a client with an outstanding invoice wants to re-negotiate terms, she may seek leverage--by making her account harder to replace. Until the development of gripe sites, these people had to think about whether it was worth their time and effort to make your sales harder to close. Now it's like falling off a log.

Why should I care what some clown is posting online about my business? Because your customers may not realize that the online reviews and complaints they rely on when shopping are unreliable. The danger to your business lies in the loss of new customers, who are looking for help online to choose among vendors.

Can you get a complaint taken down? Probably, and if we can't, we'll say so in the first call. There are a couple of sites that 'pride' themselves on refusing to remove any complaint, regardless of its falsity or its impact. (No, we won't link to them--that drives up their credibility with the search engines.) Other than those real weirdos, who are living as fugitives to avoid service of process--if it's being published, it can almost always be reconsidered.

Can't I just do this myself? Yes, you could. Does the math work? Probably not. We strive to keep our prices aggressive. Typically our service fee each month will cost you less than the loss of one new customer--so our full service offering, Reporter + Responder, pays for itself quickly. Even your best prospects may choose a competitor after 'checking you out' and seeing a complaint online--what will that cost you?

How does your service work? Pretty well. We use various methods to persuade either the complainer or the publisher of the complaint to experience a change of heart.

Should I call a lawyer? You can, and if you have time on your hands, go right ahead. We got into this business after we spent thousands of dollars on lawyers whose hands were tied. Find more here on why online gripes are 'special', and not vulnerable to the kinds of tactics most lawyers use against defamation.

How long does it take Reputation Justice to get results? It depends. If you believe that your situation is an emergency and you'd like to call an ambulance, click here. If you know you need to do something, but don't have an emergent crisis, our Reporter service (2 weeks) backed by per-incident Responder (2 weeks) will take effect within a month.

How does this service compare to all that online marketing and SEO stuff I've been paying for? Think of your online presence as a building. Your marketing and SEO are the signs and maintenance. We're in janitorial--we clean up messes.

What if you can't help me? If we review the problem with you and can't do anything for you, we won't take your business. There are 3 kinds of problems we can't solve, and neither can anyone else. We stand out in our field because we'll tell you the truth about that, before we take any money.

The other guys offer a guarantee. Our no-questions-asked returns policy is simple: We want to knock your socks off with great service. Unlike many online service providers, we can be profitable without charging people who don't want to continue paying us. So while we can't go to work for your reputation without the first month paid, we're not going to hold an annual agreement over your head. Cancel anytime. If your bill is more than 10 days overdue, we'll assume you want us to turn it off...and we will! No repeating charge to your credit card, no call-center hold time, no 30 day notice--if you're not feeling the benefits, don't pay us.

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